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We do not wish to bore you with our decades of experience(over 20 years combined), how many  building licenses we hold (3), the quantity of homes we have built (hundreds)...or any of the typical stuff you might see on an "about us" page.

What we DO want you to know is our LOVE for creating homes with the families of our amazing community. Transforming a plot of land into a family's home is arguably the greatest dream of a family and we love to be a part.

Our commitment is to work as hard and smart as possible to build a home we will all be proud of. Building quality relationships is just as important as our quality homes. We are accessible, hands-on, and willing to help in anyway we can.

We love our community and are proud to be a part of growing and enhancing our north Florida area.



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Jacksonville Custom Builders, Inc.
11234 San Jose Blvd. Suite 4
Jacksonville FL 32223
Office: (904) 619 8312
Fax: (904) 683-1922


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